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What is the point?

So it may be obvious that this site is lacking in some features. Many people may be wondering what the point of this site is. Find out why after the jump.

So as a Software Engineer I like to know how most things work. As a Software Enginner for an Internet classifieds company I have decided to figure out more about SEO.

You see since we have an SEO manager at work he gets to make the SEO decisions, as he should. He tells us what is needed to make the search engines love our site and we implement it. That is all well and good, however, I didn't understand why the changes we were making were making such dramatic impacts with the search engines.

So this site is primarily to experiment with SEO. I figured that while I am at it that I might as well try to create something useful. So as time goes on I will gradually add more features and make the site look better. The primary concern will stay SEO. I want to get as many pages indexed as possible and gradually raise the Google Page Rank.

So why the Ads if the primary concern is SEO? I guess I figured that there is no harm in making a few cents while I'm at it. I'll try to keep them as unobtrusive as possible.